Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Fond Farewell to 2008

I've been a bad blogger lately, but it's been a busy time around here, getting ready for the big

We've also had 3 birthdays, 2 big holidays, and a few illnesses to speak of, but who's counting, right? :)

Without further ado, here's my (brief) photo review of 2008...

Family Photo
View of Diamondhead & Waikiki:
Graduation Day!
Did you ever see "50 First Dates" with Adam Sandler? Great movie!
White Hibiscus:
Ft. Eustis, VA

Fire Thrower:
Awesome big brother & his beautiful wife:
3 Doors Down (GREAT concert!)

Bayfest Fireworks 4th of July
4th of July
My honor roll kid:

North Shore, Hawaii
White Hibiscus:
Surfer at North Shore (>30' waves):

All of this along with floods, a visiting President-elect, an island-wide power outage, and an ailing economy.

I'm considering our upcoming move a big blessing from above. We "get" to take a vacation of sorts when others can't even consider it. I know we are blessed to still have all that we do and I'm thankful.
Please bear with me through this move as I may not be able to post much. The movers arrive in a couple of weeks and we are frantically preparing for that.
I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2009 is healthy and prosperous!
Thanks for visiting!