Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthday RAKs

Can you believe it's almost November already?! I mean, really! Where does the time go?! Halloween is Friday! That means Election Day is next Tuesday, a week later is Veteran's Day, a couple of weeks after that will be THANKSGIVING!!! And then, of course, we are ALL ready for Christmas, right?... 59 more shopping days to go!!

Hello? Is this thing on?... Tap! Tap! Tap!

Ok so... My daughter's birthday is November 21st and Karen B. sent her this cute pink & purple (her FAYYYvorite color!!!!) polka dot card:

It took 5 or 10 minutes of pleading with her to convince her to let me borrow it to take this photo! She did not want to let go of it - she just loved those colors so much! :)

Karen also sent my hubby a birthday card... Hubs also has a birthday in November (it's quite a festive month for us!). I just love this truck image! Our pastor up in Alaska had a truck like this that was restored and so nice...

Inside the card, here's what she wrote...

I just thought this was SO FUNNY I darn near lost it!

Thank you, Karen!!

Now... I still haven't gotten to stamp or do a single creative thing. :( Yeah. I know, right?! SO... do me a favor, wouldja'?... Please?

Go forth... And be creative... for me.

I've got cleaning and such to do. (sad, I know)

90 DAYS!!

That's IT! I only have 90 DAYS LEFT!

SO much to do... SO little time...

Got to make time to stamp, right? Must.

Thanks for visiting!

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Teri said...

Hey Christina! Love the raks! Love the sentiment in your hubby's card too!! You're leaving in 90 days!!??? sniff, sniff....