Saturday, October 18, 2008


That means "Thank You!" in Frog. I think.

Teri sent me this ADORABLE RAK this week and her timing could not have been more perfect.

I'd had the worst day with a horrible night's sleep, dealing with bad drivers, long lines at the gas pump and everywhere I went, then had to go to the doctor at Tripler (the big Army Hospital here), which is always great fun, and finding parking up there is always like riding a carousel at the fair.... just driving around and around until someone decides to leave so you can take their spot. Of course, waiting an hour and a half to get a prescription filled (or I should say, waiting an hour and a half to be told that they don't have the meds to fill your prescription!), well that was a BLAST! And then there was the traffic coming home, which I always say feels more like being in a Mardi Gras parade. I feel like I should be doing my "princess wave" and throwing beads out the windows to the other cars because we're moving SO S.L.O.W.!

Boy! Talk about a tangent! Let's just say it was a bad day and I was a real grump when I got home! Everyone just loved being around me. But she turned all that around!! She sent me some really happy mail! Not only did she send me this lovely card, but I had mentioned (whined) to her that I was running out of dimensionals LOL! and she sent me some! What a sweetheart! I'm so lucky to have her! Thank you, Teri! You really made my day!
So, sorry I haven't been around much this week, but my lack of sleep and grumpiness haven't made me very creative... nor have they made me very good company as you can see. :)

I'm coming around, though. I Promise! I have been cleaning and sorting my stamping stuff... weeding through stuff I want to sell and throw out before the big M.O.V.E. and just trying to re-organize the neglected things. This process is always good for my creative side. I got to stamp a little bit tonight... just long enough to create something for this week's Mojo Monday. (Late, don'tcha' think? LOL!) I'll post that tomorrow after I've uploaded the photo and gotten a chance to edit it a little.

Well, I hope you're all enjoying a relaxing weekend where you are. It's another wet weekend here in Hawaii, but we're getting caught up on some household tasks that we've been putting off, so that's good.

Thanks for visiting!

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